Our Nursery

Our Forsyth County nursery sells only B&B trees size 6-12 feet tall.  We sell to landscapers and provide trees for our own landscaping projects.  Our trees are all evergreen trees.  They are high quality, and have been regularly pruned and sheared to have the best appearance.  We use high quality, cutting edge, scientific fertilization products and techniques to keep our trees healthy and fast growing.  The benefits to you are:

  • Hand selection of unique specimen trees
  • Superior trees nurtured with attention to pruning and fertilization
  • Trees that are already acclimated to Georgia’s growing conditions
  • Easy transition from our backyard to yours

Please view a portfolio of our Nursery

Awesome Nursery!

We both wish we could have our home in the middle of the nursery, so we could view the beautiful trees and property!

Russell & Paula Vopelak