Landscape Design

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Site Survey

First, we will visit the site and get your input and discuss ideas for your new look.


Blueprint & Layout

We will take what we learned from our visit, we will then design the layout.

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Final Review

Before any action is taken, you will have final approval.

Landscape Design

Design/Build service means Environ Associates manages all aspects of your outdoor landscape from design to final project walkthrough. Our services include:

  • Designing and installing masonry walls, driveways, walk ways, patios, wood structures, swimming pools
    and water features
  • Expertly selecting and placing plants
  • Transforming problem areas into assets with functional attractive solutions
  • Managing project scheduling to ensure a seamless process
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Upgrading our landscape has literally changed our lives and our lifestyles. Our little backyard has become a paradise -its like going on vacation every time we go outside.
Greg O'Brien

Next Steps...

From our planning and landscape design and sessions, we will proceed to landscape installation.